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Solar Products

What are solar panels?

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Learn more about solar panels

Solar Panels are a form of active solar panel  a term that describes how solar panels make use of the sun's energy: solar panels harvest sunlight and actively convert it to electricity. Solar Cells, or photovoltaic cells, are arranged in a grid-like pattern on the surface of the solar panel. These solar voltaic cells collect sunlight during the daylight hours and covert it into electricity.





Solar Panel Inverters

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Learn more about what Solar Panel Inverters do

What are solar panel inverters? What are they good for?

Solar Panel inverters are used primarily to change direct current to alternating current via an electrical switching process. You can think of inverters used with solar panels as electronically synthesized alternators.


Solar Panel Installation

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Learn more about Installing solar panels

This general information guide to solar panel installation will address the following topics:

  • Solar Panel Purchases
  • Solar Panel Installation Tips
  • Solar Panels and Power Meters

Solar Cells

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سقف الباحة

العالمية للطاقة الشمسية يوفر حلا جذابا بالنسبة لكل مشروع. في منزل يطل على شرفة الجنوب يمكن أن يكون السقف أو واجهة المستخدم لتحسين الاستعانة بمصادر خارجية الألواح الشمسية. الالواح الشمسية والخلايا الشمسية يمكن تركيبه أفقيا أو رأسيا





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