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Manal Elsir


Manal runs Global Solarenergy. She has previously studied at the Science Department, Bombay University in India and Linkoping University in Sweden. She is confident that this is the time for climate and environmental issues to be in focus. This is the right time to start protecting our environment through reducing the toxic carbon dioxide in our atmosphere by changing the ways we produce and consume energy.

Do you realize that one of the greatest contributing factors to how much carbon dioxide there is in our air is the production of the energy we use every day? Everyone uses electricity every day and in fact we take it for granted. Just flicking a switch or pushing a button to turn on the lights, watch television, or turn on our computer. But have you ever considered where the electricity in your home or company comes from? You might not be aware of that but almost all of our energy needs are provided by fossil fuels such as oil and coal. These energy sources are to blame for most of the toxic carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Scientists are growing increasingly alarmed about the impact these emissions have on the environment.

Most people don’t realize how using their electric appliances in their homes or at work can affect our climate and therefore they don't look for alternative fuel sources. But the importance of finding renewable, clean energy sources has never been more important than it is now. Beside the fact that our current energy sources are harming our atmosphere, it is a fact that they will eventually run out since they aren’t renewable. Aside from keeping our environment clean, this is one of the most important reasons why we need to find alternative sources to fulfill our energy needs.

Globalsolarenergy sees solar energy as one of natural, renewable sources, that will not only reduce the energy costs in our homes, but will also contribute towards saving our climate. We all need to be part of this process and save our planet for our children and grandchildren. Support Globalsolarenergy's idea and initiative today.


I will do my best to develop the Globalsolarenergy's idea and goals so that we can be one of the manufacturers of solar cells, solar collectors and other solar products in the near future, and to positively influence our community by creating new job opportunities and, most of all, to contribute toward saving our planet.




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