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Solar Products

Solar 3W AC Power LED

3W AC Power LED based Tube Light

Our AC Power LED based Tube lights present the perfect solution for residence, parking lots, complex, Showrooms, Eternity malls and other lighting applications. These lighting systems are virtually maintenance-free and offer a payback period of 3-3 ½ years, thus offering the most efficient value. The estimated life of these systems can be up to 50000 Hours which is hundred times better than CFL or Fluorescent Tube Lights.


Solar 15W AC Power LED

15W AC Power LED based Tube Light


Solar 45W AV Power LED

45W AC Power LED based Tube Light


  • High efficiency electronic circuitry
  • Very low self-consumption
  • Over Voltage & Over Current protection
  • High reliability and durability
  • More intensity of light at less power
  • Water proof and Shock proff enclosure
  • Operating on 180 ~ 265 VAC.


Global Solenergi offers an attractive solution for every project. On a south-facing house with gables, for example, a canopy or the façade can be used for optimum alignment of the solar units. The thermal collectors and photovoltaic modules can be arranged horizontally or vertically.


Premium Line Solar Storage Cylinder

The Premium Line has excellent performance values and an attractive design. No need for unsightly cables - even the most discerning customers are impressed. Storage cylinders for hot water provision (STE 350) and for additional auxiliary heating (ST 750) are also available in the Premium Line.



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